What Parents and Students are Saying


"Mireille is a naturally gifted teacher who truly enjoys working with children. My daughter adores her and looks forward to their tutoring each week. Mireille responds to my daughter’s needs as a unique learner with creative and engaging approaches and materials. My husband and I are grateful she has become part of her educational journey. Mireille is a very special person with a passion for her work."

-  Katherine B., Guelph

"Since taking Brain Gym I have noticed a few significant improvements in my life.

When I am stressed I instinctively do hookups. I find myself noticing my reactions to thoughts, emotions and events. This helps me to deal with life in a more positive and loving way.

I am grateful to Mireille for teaching me this wonderful way to enjoy my life with awareness and joy."

- Diane W., Guelph

“Dear Mireille,
Thank you for the wonderful program you created for the children and my daughter. Your teaching style is so suited to joyful learning and your love for the
children is obvious. Today my daughter said “I want to grow up and be a French teacher”. That’s how much she enjoyed your classes. Merci! Have a lovely

- Lisa E. , Guelph Ontario

“Dear Ms. Mireille,
I am really enjoying the French lessons. I think you are a wonderful teacher. The lessons are so fun and I learn so much. One thing I really like is learning the
sign language. Thanks for being a great teacher and have a nice summer!”

- A. M. Guelph, Ontario

“I do want to say I admire the work you’ve done with the girls, especially working through challenges with the online medium and managing to integrate singing
and movement with consistent review and some creative writing. I am thankful you have been willing to work this year with my daughter in this online format.
She has really struggled with and resisted a lot of interactive online learning of this sort and you have given her a measure of success with that platform. So
thank you and well done, as a parent and as a fellow teacher”.

- Angela H. Kitchener, Ontario

“Thank you so much, Mireille! 
My daughter has absolutely loved her time with you over the past two months. We really wish we had found you earlier in the year!”

- Julia M. Guelph, Ontario

“Mireille played an indispensable role in cultivating my child’s sense of intuition, belonging, and wonder. I continue to use learning tools I observed from Mireille as a parent still many years later”.

- Lindsay T. Cobourg, Ontario

“Mireille is open to different approaches to assist her clients/students to meet success. She has studied and completed qualifications to administer unique and proven programs. Her enthusiasm is contagious!”
- Patti C, Guelph, Ontario

“I whole heartedly recommend Mireille to tutor your child. Mireille ran a day care for years and cares about and caters to children’s learning. Mireille is a lovely woman with many talents”. 
- Theresa S, Guelph, Ontario

“Mireille is an intuitive, experienced and gifted teacher. Her students thrive on Mireille’s enthusiasm and her keen abilities in using a variety of approaches to bring out the very best in those who work with her”.

- Leigh C. Belwood, Ont