Brain Gym

When we are stressed, the brain stem (primitive brain) takes over, it registers the stress as a threat and our brain launches into Fight or Flight. When in Fight or Flight we are not able to relax, think and learn. Brain Gym uses developmental movements that assist the brain in becoming organized and the nervous system to relax. It helps to create proper communication between the primitive, emotional and thinking brain, between the two hemispheres. The nervous system is calm, the brain becomes organized and then we are able to take information, learn and perform better. 


Brain Gym really works!

I start my lessons with Brain Gym, and use it during my sessions whenever my student is falling out of focus. Sometimes we start our work with purely Brain Gym and as the student becomes more relaxed and positive, we move forward and spend more time with the subject that we are working on.

I have had a lot of success teaching my students while integrating Brain Gym. Brain Gym is not only fun, but it really helps the students get more clear, relaxed and in control of their own learning. 



  Benefits of Brain Gym

  • Inspiration

  • Motivation

  • Movement range

  • Flexibility

  • Attitude

  • Balance

  • Academic performance

  • Memory

  • Focus

  • Concentration

  • Visual skills

  • Listening skills

  • Organization

  • Reading skills

  • Writing skills

  • Vision

  • Attention span

  • Self control

  • Potential

  • Mental clarity

  • Quality of life

Who benefits from Brain Gym?

EVERYONE, from all walks of life and all ages 

Science behind Brain Gym

Brain Gym is composed of many different modalities


The more learning modalities that we can tap into at the same time, the more vivid, meaningful and permanent the learning (Sarah Singer-Nourie). When performing a pattern of Developmental Movements (such as Brain Gym movements)

a particular pattern of neurons fires, and it becomes much easier for that pathway to be activated again. Therefore, the more modalities while learning, the more neural pathways fire, and the learning is strengthened.

Brain Gym = Simple Movements that Activate the Brain